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Meliscout is a system provider of specialized image processing systems for quality control of mainly pharmaceutical products and packaging. A particular focus is on the inspection of tablets and capsules in the field of pharmaceutical technology (galenics).

The product portfolio consists of:

  • CountSecure – Camera-based inspection system with single product ejection for new equipment (OEM) or retrofitting (Retrofit) of typical tablet counting machines (Cremer, Swiftpack, and others…).
  • TabletSecure 360° – Independent inspection machine for all-around (360°) inspection of tablets, capsules and similar products with throughputs up to 800,000 products per hour.
  • PowderSecure – High-resolution camera inspection system with product ejection for inspecting free-flowing products, e.g. in the field of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) production. Finest contaminations or foreign particles on grain size can be detected.
  • VisionSecure – Universal smart camera system for reading one- and two-dimensional barcodes and plain text, measuring and presence checking of other product features typically in the field of packaging.

The strategic transport links in a central location 25 minutes south of Frankfurt Airport, direct access to the A5 and A67 freeways and the Frankfurt and Mannheim ICE junctions allow effective support for local and global customers. Existing customers include well-known pharmaceutical companies in Germany and worldwide.


Centrally located on the beautiful Bergstraße at the foot of the highest elevation of the Vorderer Odenwald (Melibokus, as a reference for our name Meliscout) between Frankfurt and Heidelberg, a highly motivated team of specialists develops and manufactures complex image processing solutions. We are also happy to discuss new solutions with you according to customer requirements.

Our experience

Our expertise in the field of optical product inspection in the life science environment is based on many years of experience of our team specialised in the pharmaceutical sector. It is particularly noteworthy that central employees have already gained decades of experience in the field of packaging and product inspection and have contributed to the development of camera-based automated inspection both at other companies and at Meliscout-Vision Engineering. Standard camera components such as smart cameras have been developed for use in pharmaceutical packaging inspection in the area of leaflet-folded box label sub-mixing and quality control. Similarly, fast high-performance cameras for the application area of comprehensive powder, tablet and capsule inspections, both as completely autonomous machines and as additional inspections for already existing production machines, were brought to market. 

The cooperation with the Technical University of Darmstadt, especially in the field of optics, image processing and camera technology, provides an excellent basis for the development of new camera and inspection possibilities, which make amazing solutions possible, especially in the field of unusual tasks, even outside the range of light visible to humans.
As a result of the international activities in management, we have passed through various stations and gained versatile expertise in the global environment. In particular, cooperation with foreign agencies has been expanded.
As a company, we are proud to present our multi-faceted expertise and pioneering achievements in optical product control on our website.

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